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Delia’s Very Naughty Children

Warning: this is not what you think! A little bit gruesome and food for thought. Abel cut through the harness and instantly he felt free; falling towards the unending darkness of the chasm. Given the chance, Abel would have chosen … Continue reading

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Holidays, Financial News and Writing

Whoa! Time flies when you’re having fun. To kick off, first let me apologise letting this blog dangle in the wind for so long. That said, I’ve been a pretty busy boy for the last year or so. Let me … Continue reading

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How Forgotten Relics Of World War II Are Killing Life In The Oceans

Oil spills are bad. They have a nasty habit of killing all the happy little fishes, mermaids and sea monkeys that live in the vast oceans. Fortunately, major leaks like Lakeview Gusher of 1910 are rarer than seeing Pope Pious … Continue reading

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What Corrupt Politicians Really Use Your Taxes For

A day doesn’t seem to go by without tales of the political elite wallowing in a shit-filled sty of excess, debauchery and embezzlement. And every night, those weary, downtrodden servants of the public take the long, lonely walk home before … Continue reading

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Planet Earth Photgraphed In Shocking Threesome

Disturbing revelations of mother Earth indulging in sordid threesome with the moon brothers has been uncovered by scientists. Until recently, it had been assumed that mother Earth was in a monogamous relationship with the moon. Scientists have now revealed the … Continue reading

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What The NSA Spying Programme Reveals About Modern Society

Spies are awesome. James Bond is the suave, sophisticated hero who sprang from the depths of Ian Fleming’s mind. Not only could he charm the knickers off a nun adhering to a vow of silence but he could kick a … Continue reading

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3 Criminals Of Yesteryear Who Were (Probably) Secret Geniuses

For most of history’s villains, the power to terrorise and run rampant through the lives of the innocent is simply criminal dick waving. The bigger and more daring the crime, the larger the perpetrator’s wang! But, in a very few … Continue reading

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3 Poisonous Garden Plants Used For Chemical Warfare

The genteel art of gardening has long been cited as having numerous health benefits. You burn calories, you mind unburdens itself of the day to day shit that normally fills your life and you can make easy money by concocting … Continue reading

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4 Celebrity Feuds That Ended In Fist Fights (Or Worse)

Celebrities are pretty good at entertaining us: it’s what they’re paid to do. But when that entertainment comes free of charge it gets even better. Aside from the obvious ‘celeb A shags celeb B, celeb C and his pet hamster’ … Continue reading

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4 Dirty Payday Loan Tricks Use To Keep You In Debt Hell

Ask anyone that owns a payday loan company and they will assure that it’s a perfectly legitimate business model. Ask any Japanese whaler and he’ll tell you that hunting seafaring mammals is a perfectly legitimate business model which has a … Continue reading

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