Holidays, Financial News and Writing

Whoa! Time flies when you’re having fun.

To kick off, first let me apologise letting this blog dangle in the wind for so long. That said, I’ve been a pretty busy boy for the last year or so. Let me explain…

A Self-imposed Holiday

I’d been writing on for about a year when I suddenly hit a wall. Traffic levels were steady for quite some time and my stats showed I was getting in the region of about 200+ visitors a day. Everything was looking good; I was even getting regular shares on the social networks without having to advertise the existence of my website – good news!

Then came slap.

You might have heard the advice, ‘Don’t count on Google [or the search engines in general] for an uninterrupted source of traffic.’ Well, I ignore those warnings and my rankings tanked. And I couldn’t work out why.

I did the research: checked my backlink profile for dubious of ‘toxic’ links. Nothing.

I checked thoughtcafe for any signals that suggested I was trying to engineer my site to manipulate the rankings. Nothing.

In the end I just accepted the wisdom that, sometimes (actually, more often than not) Google, Bing, etc get it wrong and slap innocent sites during one of the clampdowns.


I needed a holiday. Really. I hadn’t had a proper vacation for over three years (a couple of days here and there doesn’t count).

I saved the pennies for about nine and paid for a holiday in Crete. It was one of the most amazing indulgences I’ve ever had.

Now, before anyone goes off and grumbles about not being able to afford to go to places like this, I saved like a bastard. Early morning latte on the way into the office in London: no more. Eating out a lunchtime: a thing of the past. Friday night drink, or two: forget it for the next 270 days.

I made a lot of cutbacks, but it was worth for the ‘wow factor’ of the Cretan islands.

Financial News and Blogging

As a way to bolster my money saving efforts, I started writing a number of websites. In particular, I wrote a decent amount of content for a calculator website called.

Run by a really nice guy called Alaistar, the site is a goldmine of information for anyone wanting to find conversion tools (height, weight, measures, compound interest calculators and more at the Calculator Site), etc.

Whilst that was great fun and I also got to understand how Alastair goes about running several businesses – very insightful.

In fact, the writing was so much fun that I started writing my own books. Yeah, I am a bone fide (self-)published author. I know I’m not ‘real’ because a publishing house hasn’t picked me up yet, but I have eight books on Amazon, iBooks and other places. They are varying lengths (15,000 – 100,000 words) and a couple of them have sold over 3,000 copies each. I’m still working hard to hit the real highs.

That’s all for now.

I’m going to resume writing on If you have any ideas feel free to drop them into the comments.

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